KAMTech Solutions Engineering Services Experiences

The KAMTech Engineering Team provides expert technical and engineering support to multiple Dod and International customer ensuring a Total Package Approach is understood and documented.

To implement an effective modernization approach, our Team has proven expertise in base-lining the existing capability (e.g., conducting site surveys), understanding the customer's desired end state (i.e., mission needs, prioritized requirements, and overall expectations), and documenting the approach to accomplish the programmatic objectives (i.e., requirements definition process).

We ensure a comprehensive and repeatable Systems Engineering process that is tailored to the needs of each program.

In support of our customers, KAMTech Engineers are responsible for providing lead technical engineering support for the following:
Img Technical oversight activities executing overall Systems Engineering and life cycle support including requirements definition, system acquisition, program execution, and system deployment
Img Development of solicitation documentation: System Requirements Specification (SRS), System Requirement Document (SRD), Statement of Work (SOW), Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) structure, Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE), etc.
Img Participation in source selection activities including technical evaluation of contractors’ proposed technical solutions, ensuring system requirements are adequately addressed, evaluating proposed labor categories and number of hours, and providing contracting officer appropriate items for negotiations.
Img Technical review of all contractor-developed deliverables: CDRL submissions (Status Reports, Integrated Master Schedule, System/Subsystem Design Document, Test Plan and Procedures, etc.), Action Item responses, and miscellaneous programmatic deliverables
Img Technical oversight of all formal and informal program reviews: Program Management Reviews (PMRs), System Requirements Review (SRR), System Design Review (SDR), Preliminary Design Review (PDR), Critical Design Review (CDR), Test Readiness Review (TRR), Technical Interchange Meetings (TIMs), etc.

NAICSM Codes: 541330, 541512, 541579, 541690, 541990