KAMTech Solutions’ Quality Productivity Program (QPI)

KAMTech Solutions’ Quality Productivity Improvement (QPI) Program generates a positive reflection on each partnering countries’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by virtue of increased employment and overall regional and global competitiveness while:
  • Establishing and implementing a comprehensive approach to economically transform the host nation’s industrial base through efficient, effective, and agile business and manufacturing practices based on industry standards and best practices.

  • Generating higher productivity and reducing waste by establishing and institutionalizing an agile approach to identifying, implementing, and maintaining optimized Quality Assurance and Process Improvement practices.
KAMTech QPI Program Objectives
Obective 1) Support Macroeconomic Growth
The QPI program will utilize quality assurance expertise to transform the host nation’s government and private sector organizations’ economic efficiency through the implementation of industry standards and best practices while reducing non-value added and wasteful components of business, manufacturing, and engineering activities.
Obective 2) Promote Trade and Investment
By improving economic, engineering, and manufacturing efficiency and productivity, the QPI program will better prepare Jordanian companies to compete within the global economy while increasing investors’ confidence in the host nation’s ability to produce high quality products and services at competitive rates.
Obective 3) Enhance Competitiveness, Expanding the Private Sector
The QPI program will identify, optimize, and leverage industry best practices across the host nation’s many industries and markets while creating a network of business organizations leading to an increased quality and cost efficiency and competitiveness.
Obective 4) Develop the Workforce
Utilizing host nation citizens as team members, the Center of Excellence for Quality Assurance (CEQuA) element to the QPI program will serve as a premier opportunity for collegiate interns, graduates, and experienced workforce members to optimize their respective skills to improve the efficiency of the host nation’s economy. Furthermore, CEQuA professionals will continuously grow their knowledge base and experiences by observing, assessing, and analyzing industry practices and establishing personal lessons learned.

Respective NAICS Codes: 541330, 541611, 541690