KAMTech Solution Government Quality Assurance (GQA) Program

KAMTech Solutions’ Government Quality Assurance Program establishes an independent quality organization within the host nation’s government with the responsibility for developing, deploying, assessing, and communicating an effective quality program that contains these attributes.

KAMTech’s GQA Program provides the organizations with the education and mentorship to train selected individuals in applicable GQA core competencies, and establish career development paths to retain these competencies. KAMTech’s GQA Program transforms government and military units, divisions, and departments by establishing a GQA program within a major organization while retaining direct ties (communications) with all levels including the nation’s highest GQA organization to assure standardization.

The KAMTech GQA Program is essential to a government’s ability to achieve system readiness, operational effectiveness, and military superiority.

GQA Goals GQA Development and Implementation Approach
  • Stand-up an Independent Quality Organization
  • Standardize Quality practices and processes
  • Improve system and equipment reliabilities
  • Reduce life cycle costs
  • Reduce the quantity of rework
  • Reduce repair & return cycle times
  • Improve system and product availabilities
  • Proactively monitor defect/failure trends
  • Reduce waste and consumption
  • Notable savings in costs, schedule and performance
  • Workforce sufficiently trained and responsive to customer needs
  • Establish an Independent Quality Organization
  • Develop and publish national GQA policy and procedures
  • Identify and baseline existing practices, processes, resources and capabilities
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for improvements
  • Provide applicable GQA training
  • Mentor and coach personnel on applicable GQA practices
  • Review contracts for quality attributes and perform contractor surveillance
  • Establish methods to collect measure and monitor data and processes for trends
  • Establish career development path

Respective NAICS Codes: 541330, 541611, 541690